“I’m worried about my dog around the kids.”


Point A

  • Growling at the kids
  • Playing too rough
  • Jumping on or knocking kids down
  • Guarding or possessiveness about toys or food
  • Fearful of the children
  • Not walking nicely with the stroller
  • Jumping up on mom during nursing, changing, feeding

Point B

Enjoy the peace of mind of appropriate play and interactions between two- and four-legged children, a dog who goes to his bed to lie down when things get busy or charged, and clear boundaries to keep everyone safe.

Let me help you connect the dots between Point A & Point B so you can enjoy a peaceful household full of the pattering of two- and four-legged feet.

Your Personalized Dogs & Kids Training Path

Dogs & Kids Peace of Mind Package

I’ll do the training for you for maximum results and peace of mind as quickly as possible.

We’ll lay out a personalized plan depending on your family’s needs and lifestyle, and I’ll do as much of the training for you as possible, transferring results along the way. My goal is the simplest, easiest, most effective—and fast!—route to results possible.

2 week program: $780
Includes: Initial Consult to set personalized goals and take the immediate edge off your dog’s behavior + 6 training sessions.

Please note: I have a 2-week minimum for dog training involving issues around babies and children. Depending on your dog’s behavior and your training goals I may recommend or even require a longer program where safety concerns apply.

All training will be a positive experience for dog and children alike, based on sound scientific principles. Learn more about my approach to training.

Ready to connect the dots to Point B?

Call or email me to set up your Initial Consult today.

All dog training begins with an Initial Consult, which is $180. (Your initial consult fee will be credited should you decide a kids & dogs training package is the right match for your needs and goals.)

At this consult, we’ll work together to set goals and carve a personalized path to reaching them, building around your household and lifestyle and your dog’s learning needs.

Phone: 484.995.0932

Email: melanie@melanieceronephd.com

“My family cannot say enough good things about Dr. Melanie Cerone.”

“We adopted a 3 year-old black lab. After six months I was considering re-homing him because he was bowling over my toddler, following me around constantly, and still had not learned how to settle down in the home. Melanie did not just show us what to do and then check back later. She actually taught Juice the new behaviors step by step over the course of a few sessions. He quickly learned how to settle down and lay on his blanket, sit before entering the house instead of charging his way in, and he is now working on ‘leave it.’ Melanie is incredibly knowledgeable about dog training and I can really see how her background as a psychologist helps her put people at ease. My only regret is that I did not get in touch with her the day Juice arrived!”

–Jena Kobeski and Family, Kennett Square, PA

Dogs & Kids: Why Don’t They Just Get Along?

Well, they’re different species, for starters. And neither come pre-programmed with an impulse control switch. If, on top of that, your dog doesn’t have a lot of experience with children, there may be fear involved, too. To a dog, children can seem an entirely different species from the humans they’re used to. Kids sound different, smell different, and move differently. They’re also noisier and much more unpredictable.

Resources can play a factor, too. If your dog has a tendency toward guarding food, toys, or other objects, children may bring it to the fore. Kids are down at dog level and understandably aren’t as good at setting boundaries. It’s all too tempting to steal that biscuit or grab that plush toy (which does look an awful lot like a dog toy) or lick crumbs off an unsuspecting face. And it may be quite upsetting to have small hands reach for a favorite toy, chew, or a bit of leftover kibble in the bowl on the kitchen floor.

Whatever the cause, training is imperative to ensure safety for all family members, human and canine. And if baby is on the way, let’s start training now—this is definitely a case for an ounce of prevention.

"Whatever the cause, training is imperative to ensure safety for all family members, human and canine."

Your Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant

Melanie Cerone, Ph.D.

There’s nothing as lovely as a child and dog growing up together. Melanie actively enjoys using the science of dog training to create safe, peaceful households comprised of happy children, laid back dogs, and relieved parents.

Learn more about Melanie.