“My cute little puppy is driving me crazy.”


Point A

  • Housetraining woes
  • Punctured clothing and skin
  • Chewed shoes, furniture, and treasured belongings
  • Broken sleep
  • Exhaustion and frustration

(Thank goodness they’re so cute!)

Point B

Enjoy a calmer puppy who knows where to potty, how to keep her teeth to herself and her own things, who can sleep through the night and self-sooth, responds to basic manners cues, and will grow up into an easy-going adult dog you can take anywhere.

Let me help you connect the dots between Point A & Point B so you can enjoy your dog’s puppyhood and watch her grow up into a great companion.

Your Personalized Puppy Training Path

Choose from two packages designed for busy puppy parents looking for the fastest relief:

Puppy Raising Relief Package

I’ll do the training for you for maximum relief and results as quickly as possible.

I’ll train your puppy for you. I’ll work on the basic manners cues most important to you. I’ll work with you on housetraining and getting all that biting and jumping under control. And for a puppy who knows how to behave herself politely and calmly everywhere, your pup and I will practice both in your home and out in all your favorite places to take her—parks, neighborhoods, the pet supply store, etc.

At the end of each week, we’ll meet at your home to transfer your puppy’s new behaviors to you. Simple, easy, effective—and fast!

4 week program: $1,540

Includes: Initial Consult to set personalized goals and take the immediate edge off your pup’s behavior; 12 training sessions with your puppy, 4 transfer sessions with you.

Puppy Raising Relief Package, EXTRA SUPPORT

All the same training and relief, extended another month to get you through the puppy stage to adolescence. And because we have more time, we’ll get all those behaviors that much more reliable in increasingly busy, challenging environments.

8 week program: $2,740

Whichever package you choose, all training will be a positive experience for puppy and human alike, based on sound scientific principles. Learn more about my approach to training.


Ready to connect the dots to Point B?

Call or email me to set up your Initial Consult today.

All puppy training begins with an Initial Consult, which is $180. (Your initial consult fee will be credited should you decide a puppy training package is the right match for your needs and goals.)

At this consult, we’ll work together to set goals and carve a personalized path to reaching them, building around your household and lifestyle and your puppy’s learning needs.

Phone: 484.995.0932

Email: melanie@melanieceronephd.com

Puppy Socialization: The Most Important Training You’ll Ever Do

For most puppy owners, house training, biting and chewing, and basic manners top the list of puppy concerns. But for dog trainers, it’s all about socialization. Socialization is the process by which we systematically teach puppies to love the world around them—to enjoy meeting new people and making new dog friends, to get along with the cat, ignore backfiring cars, and generally be easy-going about new places, experiences, and situations.

But my puppy is already so friendly

Socialization probably sounds silly on the surface—your puppy is a friendly bundle of silly at the moment. It’s hard to imagine her growing up into a fearful or aggressive dog. And yet shelters around the country are full of fearful and aggressive dogs who missed proper puppy socialization to help them become laid back adult companions.

The risks of under-socialization

Your pup’s brain is hardwired to be accepting of new things. But as she grows up, that openness will dwindle. Her genes will tell her to be wary of anything she hasn’t already had plenty of positive experience with. If she hasn’t met lots of dogs while on leash, that could translate to leash reactivity or aggression. If she hasn’t spent time around children, she may become fearful or aggressive when little ones are around. If she hasn’t spent time in loud, busy urban environments she may be unable to relax and enjoy them with you as an adult.

For these reasons, I build plenty of socialization into every puppy training plan—along with all the things on your goal list. And if you’re particularly busy and find it difficult to get your pup out into the world on a daily basis, I highly recommend choosing the Extra Support package so I can help get as much socialization done for you as possible.

Your pup’s brain is hardwired to be accepting of new things. But as she grows up, that openness will dwindle.

Your Puppy Trainer

Melanie Cerone, Ph.D.

Perhaps because she specializes in aggression, Melanie loves puppy training most of all. There’s great joy in preventing the tragic behaviors that so often leave owners at their wits’ end, and there’s no better time to do that than puppyhood.

Learn more about Melanie.