“A clear path to better behavior”

Dogs enrich our lives in countless ways. They buoy us up through their boundless loyalty. Remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. Keep us moving and laughing. But sometimes dog behavior brings frustration, worry, disappointment, and stress, too.

If the joy of your canine companionship is eclipsed by troubling behavior issues, I’d like to help.

As a highly-trained psychologistbehavior analyst, and professional dog trainer, I use the principles of behavior science coupled with empathy and compassion to address your dog’s challenging behaviors. My goal for you? A clear path to better behavior and joyful companionship.

Let’s move from Point A to Point B

Puppy Consult

puppy biting and chewing a shoe

A Your puppy is biting and chewing all the wrong things and pottying in all the wrong places. You’re losing sleep and hair.

B Enjoy a housetrained puppy who chews their toys and not your furniture – or you.

Basic Manners Dog Training

dog pulling in leash down street

A Your dog drags you down the street, forgets his name when you call, and generally has you throwing your hands in the air.

B Enjoy a focused dog who looks to you for direction in all situations.

Kids & Dogs

girl with puppy in the house

A Baby’s on the way or toddler or young children are already here and you have some concerns.

B Enjoy a safe household full of pattering feet and paws.

Dog-Dog Aggression

dog barking and lunging at another dog at the park

A Walks have become a nightmare, with your dog lunging, barking, and growling at fellow canines.

B Enjoy walking your best friend again, drama-free.

Dog-Human Aggression

dog growling at neighbor on the sidewalk

A You’re embarrassed or frightened by your dog’s reactions to household members or strangers.

B Enjoy a relaxed dog and peace of mind.

Separation Anxiety

Dog home alone destroying things

A You regularly come home to disastrous messes, a stressed dog, and angry neighbors.

B Enjoy leaving the house, guilt- and worry-free.

Ready to connect the dots from Point A to Point B?

I look forward to forging a clear path forward for you and your dog.

“We can’t say enough good things about Melanie…”

“When Melanie first visited, our excitable girl immediately became calm and attentive. Melanie obviously knew what she was doing. In a short time, Abby has learned all the basic behaviors and we’ve learned how to handle tricky situations. The best thing for us is that Melanie works with our hectic schedules. We have three busy kids, ages 13, 11 and 7, and very little time to spare. We highly recommend Melanie to anyone who needs an excellent trainer!”

–Bonnie Lo, Villanova

Meet Your Behavior Consultant

Melanie Cerone, Ph.D.

Melanie is dedicated to helping clients live more joyfully with their dogs through the power of behavior science. She is a Licensed Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Melanie is committed to providing evidence-based behavioral interventions with compassion, care, and kindness for dogs and people alike.

Learn more about Melanie’s credentials and approach to training.