Are You Really Doing Science?

Science is more than the mere description of events as they occur. It is an attempt to order, to show that certain events stand in lawful relations to other events. No practical technology can be based upon science until such relations have been discovered. But order is not only a possible end product; it is a … Continued

The Lemonade Blog

  A person who has been punished is not less inclined to behave in a given way; at best, he learns how to avoid punishment.  – B. F. Skinner Science is a willingness to accept facts even when they are opposed to wishes. – B.F. Skinner Welcome to my blog! This is not the post … Continued

The New Normal: One Dog’s Journey to Happy Vet Visits

Zeke got a shot at the vet’s yesterday and I didn’t cry. My training partner and I didn’t celebrate at the end. There were no tearful calls to Zeke’s supporters afterwards. No celebratory Facebook post. This vet visit was over before we knew it. Zeke greeted his veterinarian and vet tech happily, stationed with his muzzle in … Continued

Train For Rewards

Why train for rewards you wonder? For me, it’s all about the tail. Well, maybe not just the tail. It’s about the face, too. I’m talking about my dog, Wyatt’s tail and face, and what they do while we’re training. Wyatt loves to train. I mean he really, really LOVES it. His tail wags continuously, … Continued

Living My Dream

Trainer Melanie Cerone with dog

“So how did you go from psychologist to dog trainer?” a new client recently asked. I happily shared that it was a longtime dream to couple my love of dogs and training with my 30+ years of experience as a psychologist—helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives. I have loved dogs my entire life. As a child, … Continued