“My dog is terrified at the vet’s and groomer’s!”


Point A

  • Fear, anxiety, and stress during veterinary visits
  • Growling, lunging, snapping at veterinary staff or groomer
  • Trembling or freezing during procedures
  • Sedating dog for grooming
  • Anxiety in car during transport to vet’s or groomer’s

Point B

Enjoy a dog who is relaxed and cooperative during veterinary visits and grooming sessions. A dog who calmly enters the vet clinic, happily greets veterinary staff, and is comfortable with routine, necessary procedures. A dog who rides peacefully in the car to the vet’s or groomer’s.

Let me help you connect the dots between Point A & Point B so you can enjoy fear free veterinary visits and grooming sessions.

Your Personalized Behavior Modification Training Path

The Calm Dog Package:

I’ll do the training to lay the foundation and then begin working in the locations and situations that your dog currently finds challenging, transferring my training results to you along the way.

3 week program: $1,380
Includes: Initial Consult to set personalized goals and share management strategies you can use for some immediate relief right away; 9 training sessions with your dog, 3 transfer sessions with you.

What we’ll focus on:

  • Improving comfort with body handling, including restraint for vaccine administration, temperature taking, nail care, ear and eye exams, and grooming procedures such as clipping and brushing.
  • Taking it on the road: addressing your dog’s car anxiety, if needed.
  • Building positive associations and interactions with the facility and the staff. These short visits will include simply saying hello, getting in some good sniffs and delicious food from staff to boost positive associations.
  • Real world training: creating stationing behaviors for procedures to help your dog focus on engaging with you, which will help your dog feel comfortable and less worried about needle sticks, body scanning, palpation, etc.
  • Incorporating all of these elements to ensure your dog is fully comfortable with each step and transfer the training and skills to you.

All training will be a positive experience for dog and human alike, based on sound scientific principles. Learn more about my approach to training.


Ready to connect the dots to Point B?

Call or email me to set up your Initial Consult today.

All dog training begins with an Initial Consult, which is $180. (Your initial consult fee will be credited should you decide a calm dog training package is the right match for your needs and goals.)

At this consult, we’ll work together to set goals and carve a personalized path to reaching them, building around your household and lifestyle and your dog’s learning needs.

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Email: melanie@melanieceronephd.com

Why IS my dog so scared of the vet and procedures?

It is not uncommon for dogs to be uncomfortable with certain aspects of body handling. Restraint of legs, lifting of tails, injections, feeling around in ears and torsos are, in fact, invasive – especially when done by unfamiliar humans. Couple this with an unfamiliar environment, full of unpleasant smells and other animals, and the whole experience can become anxiety-provoking and scary. Not to mention, dogs are often only handled in this way when there’s an issue – ear infections are painful so sensitivity is heightened, for example.

Over time, many dogs become sensitized to every aspect of the grooming or veterinary experience. If the only time your dog goes for car rides is to go to the vet, where he’s not super comfortable, then it may follow that car rides become scary, as well. Working through a plan to systematically help your dog feel comfortable and safe with every aspect of veterinary care or grooming can help make these necessary aspects of care less stressful and more enjoyable for both of you!

For more information on scared dog body language, visit the Fear Free FAS Scale.

Your Trainer and Behavior Counselor

Melanie Cerone, Ph.D.

Specializing in aggression issues was always a perfect fit for Melanie, matching her interest in cognition and the brain with her desire to make clients’ and dogs’ lives better together.

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